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No. 246 Chef's Counter Review

We love to eat at the square in Decatur and when our friends, Brian and Katie recommended the chef's counter at No. 246 we wanted to give it a try. There are four bar stool spots overlooking the kitchen which you definitely need to reserve seeing it is limited seating. You get four course meal of the Chef's choosing for $50 and if you like you can opt for the wine pairing which we did. They did ask us about dietary needs and restrictions before serving our first course. A beautiful radish plate greeted us as we were seated. I love fresh and crispy vegetables, especially with a cashew butter. It was very palate cleansing. The first thing to come out were fried shrimp heads. They were delicious, lightly battered and the fresh lime brightened up the shrimp. How pretty is that fennel salad!?! It was just as tasty too. The shaved fennel and grapefruit completely balanced each other out. It was drizzled with a light vinaigrette. I totally cheate