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Hearth Pizza Tavern Review

This pizza tavern is located in the Whole Foods Shopping Center on Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs. Luke and I were at Perimeter Mall and decided to try Hearth since we were in the area and had heard great things. Despite almost getting run over in the parking lot, I was glad to try this place. I was thinking if my life is ending why can't it be AFTER I eat one of my most favorite things . . . pizza!!

I ordered the Crispy Brussels Sprouts. They were awesome of course with pancetta and parmesan cheese mixed in, then drizzled Balsamic on top. 

Luke ordered the Ring of Fire. It had a whole slew of goodies on it; garlic chili oil, chorizo salami, sliced cherry peppers, caramelized onions,  roasted cremini mushrooms, cheese and cilantro. Sounds like a lot, but I had a bite and it was delicious. He ate all so it must have been good. 

 Pizza has been my biggest sacrifice being on Paleo, so when I saw they used 100% organic flour I was in. I ordered the Goat Cheese and Shrimp Pizza. It didn…

South City Kitchen Restaurant Review

South City Kitchen has been around a long time and reminds me of the good ole days when Buckhead bars were booming and the lounges in renovated houses were the places to hang. I hadn't eaten here in awhile and wanted to see if the food was just as good as I remembered.

Luke ordered the scallops for an appetizer and they were delicious with a pecan pesto and tomato mustard seed relish served over a boiled peanut puree. The scallops had a nice crust and were cooked perfectly on the inside; the flavors spot on!

I am a sucker for the decadent She-Crab Soup and knew when I saw it on the menu that I had to order it. It didn't disappoint with its rich taste of goodness. 

Luke ordered the Shrimp and Mussel Jambalaya with chicken, andouille sausage, and okra in a spicy tomato sauce. It was delicious and perfectly cooked. 

I ordered the Roasted Filet of Beef. It was so hearty and scrumptious. The beef was tender and loved the dimension that the wine jus added to the beef. It was served…

Zab e Lee Restaurant Review

This sleepy Thai Restaurant located west of Hartsfield-Jackson airport is one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Atlanta. It's located in a run down strip mall on Old National in College Park and is a perfect place when you want to grab a quick bite with someone who's intown for a long layover. That was the case for me, my good friend Ted was in town so we decided to go there for some food for the soul. 

We ordered a couple of appetizers to share. The Beef Satay was the first and was great. The beef was tender and the peanut sauce perfect. They also served it with a cucumber and carrots in a rice vinaigrette, nice and refreshing.

The second appetizer was the Dancing Shrimp, everytime I go to Zab e Lee I order this delectable dish. It is bursting with zesty flavor. The shrimp is served on a bed of cabbage, red onion, and carrot. They add a dressing of hot chili Thai pepper, raw garlic, and lime juice. The combination is spectacular with a perfect amount heat to make you ta…

Chai Pani Indian Street Food Review

This cute little eatery in Decatur is delicious and a great way to try some Indian Street Food. It is located on Ponce in the old Watershed Restaurant location. My friend Gina and I were supposed to go for a walk and catch up, however it was raining so we met for lunch instead and meet her new beau!

I ordered the Matchstick Okra Fries. They were seasoned with lime and salt. They were crispy without a slimy texture at all, a nice change up from your everyday appetizer.

Gina had the Uttapam which is a savory crepe made with rice and lentils. It is gluten-free, but not Paleo friendly because of the lentils and rice. The Uttapam was topped with carrots, peas, onion, cilantro, ginger, and chilies. It was served with Sambar, a spicy, tangy vegetable stew and coconut chutney.

Luke and Adam had the Maharaja Lamb Burger. It was made from scratch, in-house, seasoned with ginger, garlic, mint, ground pistachio, and house roasted spices. The seasoning went great with the lamb and the pickled oni…