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Holeman and Finch

I am glad Holeman and Finch finally came to their senses and put the burger on the menu all of the time. I always wanted to try their burger but the timing never worked out right. Our friends Eddie and Hali hadn't tried the Holeman and Finch burger nor my favorite Atlanta burger at Bocado so we went to both places the same night for the comparison.  We ordered the Sliced Edwards Surry Ham. It was great for sharing and delicious with a nice smoky, cured flavor. It was nice starter. We ordered the Black Butter Veal Brains. Yes, I said veal and feel bad for eating it, but wanted to try the brains. The brains had great flavor with onion, butter, capers, and lemon flavor. However the consistency is just what you would think, mushy and gelatinous, hard to get past that texture.  We also ordered the Sapelo Island Clams. They came in a great broth of fennel, white wine, and parsley. Nice and clean pronouncing the brininess of the clam itself.

Urban Cannibals Bodega and Bites

In the early 2000's on Highland Avenue in Old 4th Ward, there once was a restaurant called The Roman Lily Cafe. It was there before that area became so popular that Chef Calavino Donati pioneered that area with her tasty, eclectic place. I loved eating there and was so sad when she closed it. So, when she and her girlfriend Doria Roberts popped back up on the scene with a sandwich shop in East Atlanta I had to make a visit. Of course it was great, and I have eaten here quit a few times! We have tried many things on her menu and all have been delicious. This day Luke had the Lamburger. It had great flavor with Mediterranean spices. All sandwiches come with Dirty Chips.     I had the Turkey Reuben on Gluten-free bread. It had smoked turkey, havarti and was topped with local kudzu honey dijon slaw. It was wonderful. Calavino makes simple sandwiches with a twist of local goodness and the combination is heavenly. She also is big into substituting tofu for

The Pig and The Pearl Restaurant Review

It was nice to check out an eating spot in Atlantic Station that wasn't a chain restaurant. This sister restaurant to The Shed at Glenwood was a pleasant surprise for its' atmosphere and vittles. All the protein that is on the menu is smoked except for the items on their raw bar. The Pig and Pearl partner with a lot of local vegetable and meat farms to get their products fresh.  We started with two appetizers. The first one was the Smoked Wings. This was my least favorite of everything that we tried. The wings were smoked and glazed with a soy vinaigrette and topped with scallions. It sounded great when we ordered it, however it really lacked dimension and taste. The other app we ordered was the Smoked Prawn and Octopus. It was delicious and the octopus was extremely tender. The prawns and octopus were served over a black bean cake and guajillo cream with plantain chips then topped with queso fresco. It had a lot going on, and it was delicious.