The Pig and The Pearl Restaurant Review

It was nice to check out an eating spot in Atlantic Station that wasn't a chain restaurant. This sister restaurant to The Shed at Glenwood was a pleasant surprise for its' atmosphere and vittles. All the protein that is on the menu is smoked except for the items on their raw bar. The Pig and Pearl partner with a lot of local vegetable and meat farms to get their products fresh. 

We started with two appetizers. The first one was the Smoked Wings. This was my least favorite of everything that we tried. The wings were smoked and glazed with a soy vinaigrette and topped with scallions. It sounded great when we ordered it, however it really lacked dimension and taste.

The other app we ordered was the Smoked Prawn and Octopus. It was delicious and the octopus was extremely tender. The prawns and octopus were served over a black bean cake and guajillo cream with plantain chips then topped with queso fresco. It had a lot going on, and it was delicious. 

We ordered the Hakurai Turnips for a side vegetable. It was very pretty and tasted good, but what wouldn't be good with served with a brown butter sherry vinaigrette and crispy bacon. 

I ordered the 6oz. Flounder with smoked mushrooms and arugula pesto. It was delicious, I loved the smokiness coupled with the arugula pesto. 

Luke ordered the 7oz Beef Belly "Delmonico" Potato Crust. Oh my was this delicious but way too rich for my liking. A couple of bites were perfect. If you are in an indulgent meat mood or need some comfort food, this would be the absolute perfect dish for you!!

I don't solely order dessert often, but I am glad I made an executive decision. This seriously is my new favorite dessert in Atlanta. It was the Masala Gingerbread Spice Latte Semifreddo. This was truly delectable! It basically was espresso custard topped with a garam masala foam and a nankatai peanut cookie. My mouth is watering thinking about it - yum!! I will be going back for this tasty treat.

They have a nice u-shaped bar and also a raw bar with about 8 seats for viewing. The bar and dining area are open and there is a cute outdoor patio in front that would be great for the spring weather soon to be headed our way.  The Pig and the Pearl also offers Sunday brunch as well as family meals to go for your entertaining needs.

Tip - Valet parking is located directly right in front of the restaurant if you prefer not to navigate the bowels of the Atlanta Station Parking garage.

Price Range for Dinner - 8oz Pork Shoulder $11 - Full Order of St. Louis Spare Ribs $30