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Leons Full Service

Leons is located on Decatur Square and was opened by the same owners of Brickstore. I had always been a huge fan of Brickstore so my expectations were set high to begin with. I have visited Leons several times and continue to feel underwhelmed. They tend to be very busy because of their prime location and airy atmosphere, as a result their service is lacking. They do have a seasonal cocktail menu and it creatively delivers. The wine and beer selection are always great too. Luke and I were at a coffee house in Decatur all afternoon and decided it was time for a cocktail. He had been craving Leons buttered shrimp for months after he had ordered it early last summer and had loved every bite of it. Apparently today, they had just put it back on the menu. We thought we were in luck, but unfortunately we weren't. They ended up changing the original buttered shrimp to something like buffalo shrimp minus the fried part. The dish still had flavor, however the original s

One Eared Stag

It was a pleasant brunch experience at this Inman Park local eatery, One Eared Stag. My best friend was visiting from Florida and we wanted to do a fun foodie brunch and this spot was perfect.  My husband didn't care for his meal, he ordered the sardine with toast topped with an egg. The herbs and olive oil sauce drizzled on top was a nice touch, unfortunately the sardine tasted too fishy.  Of course we had to try the Chef's breakfast and very glad Danielle and I did. Supposedly, it is recreated every time and never the same. It had fried oysters with grits, crab egg scramble, quiche, parfait, pancake with bacon, biscuit with gravy, and beef tongue with potatoes with a sunny side egg on top. Everything was awesome!!! The eggs and pancake were super light and fluffy. The beef tongue was so tender with a ton of flavor. I enjoyed the brunch here and would definitely come back to see what else is on the Chef's plate. It's a great way to try many o

Cheese On Wheels

Cheese and charcuterie on wheels, Köln rocks!

Lady Bird and Mess Hall Restaurant Review

I had been tracking the progress of this cute restaurant walking the beltline week after week and excited to see this campfire foodery finally open in Old 4th Ward. I thought this would be a great place to catch up with our friends Brian and Katie, it had been awhile since we last saw each other. Glad we caught up and glad we did it here!! The atmosphere is cozy with the dim lighting and the screened in porches feel like you are at a friends vacation house eating and drinking. They also have shufflepuck which is so fun to play and brings me back to my Florida days.  We first ordered the Hot Mushroom Skillet. It was a nice small plate with great mushroom, thyme, wine, and butter flavors. It was served with a toasted egg on top and toast to soak up the sauce. Next, the picnic basket with assorted meats and cheeses from The Spotted Trotter. The meat and cheese selection is constantly changing, but would like to think they are always just as good. 

Bellagio, Lake Como

I had always heard how beautiful Lake Como is, but I had absolutely no idea!! When we started our descent into Bellagio I had to pick my mouth up from the floor, there were breathtaking views in every direction. Our first viewpoint we came to was this one, which is looking to the south of the lake. Massive rocks jut out from the lake, it is so dramatic pictures don't do it any justice.  Of course, the driving is always an adventure in Italy. The roads are tiny and Italians can be daring drivers, keeping your head on a constant swivel. We stayed at the Hotel Bellagio. Our hotel room was great, however the rest of the hotel was mediocre. The hotel is located up an alleyway about 50 meters up from the lake.  Our room was nicely decorated with white flowing curtains, and tall ceilings. It felt so old school, they even provided hotel stationery. We had a cute balcony and a view of the lake. We wanted to walk to the other side of th