One Eared Stag

It was a pleasant brunch experience at this Inman Park local eatery, One Eared Stag. My best friend was visiting from Florida and we wanted to do a fun foodie brunch and this spot was perfect. 

My husband didn't care for his meal, he ordered the sardine with toast topped with an egg. The herbs and olive oil sauce drizzled on top was a nice touch, unfortunately the sardine tasted too fishy. 

Of course we had to try the Chef's breakfast and very glad Danielle and I did. Supposedly, it is recreated every time and never the same. It had fried oysters with grits, crab egg scramble, quiche, parfait, pancake with bacon, biscuit with gravy, and beef tongue with potatoes with a sunny side egg on top. Everything was awesome!!! The eggs and pancake were super light and fluffy. The beef tongue was so tender with a ton of flavor.

I enjoyed the brunch here and would definitely come back to see what else is on the Chef's plate. It's a great way to try many of his creations.


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