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Verona, Italy

There are several cities with ancient arenas that seem to be overlooked because of the popularity of the colosseum in Rome. Verona is a prime example of one of these cities.  The amphitheater was built in 30AD in what is known today as the Piazza Bra. It is easy to pay an entrance fee and explore, however, the highlight is to catch a play or an opera. Verona is the setting for William Shakespeares' Romeo and Juliet, which is why it is nicknamed "The City of Love".  You can visit Juliette's balcony at the Cappelletti house in the old city. Touching Juliette's right breast is supposed to bring luck. Bogi was an absolute gentleman and refrained! Thousands of notes to Juliette line the portico which leads to the courtyard. If you prefer you can write a love letter to the Juliet Club where a team of volunteers, known as secretaries, select a few of the most beautiful letters written that year. The winners are chosen on Valenti