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Jerusalem Bakery Review

Every time I go to Jerusalem Bakery I feel like I have died and gone to Baklava heaven. This is seriously the best Baklava in the city. This Marietta dive takes it to a whole other level. 

Jerusalem Bakery primarily makes Baklava but they also have other various guest starring items. They make several varieties of Baklava, some with cashew, some with pistachio or walnuts. They also make different sizes, little mini's, rolled log, diamonds, etc. But rest assured, every type will have that delicate, flaky phyllo crunch followed by the nutty taste, then ending with the sweetness of honey. Definitely not Paleo, but what a treat and worth every bite!

There is the box full of goodness. I love going there and telling them to load the container up, to pick what they want. They always add a fun new treat to try. They also bake fresh whole wheat and white pita bread daily.

I guess I can't just eat Baklava for my lunch without my pancreas hating me, so I ordered the Chicken Shawarma Pla…

Abattoir Restaurant Review

Abattoir has intrigued me ever since we were exploring the west side Star Provisions complex. The restaurant is so warm and cozy despite its tall lofty ceiling and concrete walls. They have dressed the restaurant up with hardwoods, soft lighting, and farmhouse dining tables. It has come a long ways from being a slaughterhouse, hence the name "abattoir". They also have an outdoor fireplace to have drinks or dinner with an even cozier ambiance. 

Kevin ordered the Chicharrones for sharing. They were crispy and had a nice spicy sauce for dipping. 

Luke and I ordered the Mosaic. It is basically different parts of the pork shoulder dice and glued together then pan seared, and topped with a sorghum glaze. They served it over hearts of palm. It was delicious!!

Susie ordered the Bavette Steak, a flap steak similar to a flank or skirt steak. It was served with crispy potatoes and a bordelaise sauce drizzled on the steak. The bordelaise was a complimenting sauce. The dish was deliciou…

Boccalupo Restaurant Review

Really Boccalupo, I have heard so many positive things about you and I am sorry that I have to write a negative review.  Luke and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary and were disappointed we spent it here. 
It started off great at the bar. We ordered wine and the bartender was sharing with us some of their wines, so basically we had a mini tasting. That was enjoyable but unfortunately it all went downhill from there. 

So after a drink we were seated in the restaurant, after about fifteen minutes I finally asked the hostess if we had a server. We finally ordered appetizers to share. Luke's choice was the special with King Crab and Bok Choi, Fennel, Radishes with a spin on a Siracha sauce. It was interesting that this Italian restaurant had an Asian influenced special along with other Asian type items on the menu. I haven't ever liked restaurants who have a mix of cuisines unless it is purposely fusion. The appetizer was good, light and refreshing.

I had been eyeing…

Z Grille Restaurant Review

My best friend Danielle lives in St. Pete, Florida and we are both total foodies.  We are ALWAYS in search of the perfect place for great food and the "right"  atmosphere. Z Grille was named by USA Today Top 15 Best Foodie Places in the Tampa Bay area, so we had to give it a try and glad we did!

The three deviled egg flavors change frequently. The night we were there it was buffalo chicken with blue cheese and fried chicken skin on top, creamy horseradish with dill on top, and avocado with jalapeno, siracha and bacon on top. All had a great burst of flavor and were very tasty. 

We tried the Beet It Salad and oh my the mix of flavors were wonderful! They used baby arugula for the greens, red and golden beets, fried chickpeas, radish, topped with a ball of panko-crusted goat cheese and truffle vinaigrette. This was a perfectly balanced salad and I would definitely order again.

We also shared the Seafood Nachos which were also great!  Corn chips topped with grilled calamari, g…

Cassis American Brasserie

I always get to see my best friends' mother and father when I visit st. Pete, however this time the four of us went to lunch and it was a true treat. I couldn't ask for better company or ambience. Cassis is located on Beach Drive downtown St. Pete and across the way you have a beautiful view of the bay. It was a perfect winter day, cooler temps no humidity and perfect blue skies, basically the weather that makes you want to move back to Florida.

Danielle's mom, Jen is a total foodie (apple doesn't fall from the tree) and when she recommends something you know it's going to be good. She had been there before and ordered the Grilled Romaine Salad and had been craving it ever since. Now I know why!! It was perfectly dressed with Caesar and topped with shaved parmesan. The romaine was still crunchy and the charred bites were the best. This salad was truly delicious. 

The Kobe Beef Burgers were good, tender and topped with cheddar cheese, sprouts and pickled jalapenos.…

Cooks and Soldiers Restaurant Review

We had such high expectations for Cooks and Soldiers being a huge fan of Iberian Pig in Decatur. This Basque inspired eatery just opened underneath the brand new apartments on the corner of 14th and Howell Mill in west midtown. Unfortunately, I was dissappointed and not sure I will be returning. 

First of all, if you avoid gluten, there is not a lot on the menu for you to order especially if you are sharing the pinxtos. We ordered the tartare. It was cured tomatoes topped with a carrot "yolk" and cilantro microgreens. It was nothing special, not a ton of taste.

We split the wood-fired grilled Prawns. The wood-fire char had a great taste, however it was on the shell so once peeled the shrimp lacked taste. It was served over charred onions, sweet peppers, and cabbage and topped with garlic chips. The garlic chips saved this dish, since that was the tastiest part. Also, it was very oily as you can see it glistening. 
The bartenders were decent, but overall service seemed like …

Minas Emporium Brazilian BBQ Restaurant Review

I love going to an international restaurant and hearing the native language being spoken all around me. That is totally the case at Minas Emporium. It is tucked away in a strip mall underneath a liquor store on Delk Road in Marietta but don't let that fool you, the food is wonderful. 
Basically, it is a buffet of Brazilian goodies. They have plenty of items pre-made displayed for you to try. They also have the Brazilian BBQ going and this is where it's at!!! 

The guy tending to the meats is very helpful and asks you what type of meat you like; lean, salty, or what kind of meat. You can go up as many times as you like, so it is a great way to try everything. They also had plantains on the buffet that were delicious. 

The sauteed okra was delicious too. I also tried the bacon wrapped chicken and you know how anything with bacon tastes so I won't bother to tell you how it was! The grilled rump roast and sun-dried steak were my two favorites. The sun-dried steak was salty and…

Bantam & Biddy Restaurant Review

Bantam & Biddy is one of my "go to" casual restaurants in Atlanta. They have great breakfast and lunch fare and take the extra step to label items on the menu as gluten-free or vegetarian. My in-laws were visiting from Spain and we decided to take them here. Unfortunately, we were all disappointed in dinner and now realize that B & B needs to be kept in the lunch and brunch category. 

Luke ordered the Pork Schnitzel and it was tasty but not fabulous, but anything breaded and pan fried will always taste decent. It was served with onions, peanuts, parsley, and parmesan cheese. It was nice to have your choice of side, which is rare these days with the chef always preparing the combinations. Luke chose the sauteed spinach and garlic, which was very good!