Boccalupo Restaurant Review


Really Boccalupo, I have heard so many positive things about you and I am sorry that I have to write a negative review.  Luke and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary and were disappointed we spent it here. 

It started off great at the bar. We ordered wine and the bartender was sharing with us some of their wines, so basically we had a mini tasting. That was enjoyable but unfortunately it all went downhill from there. 

So after a drink we were seated in the restaurant, after about fifteen minutes I finally asked the hostess if we had a server. We finally ordered appetizers to share. Luke's choice was the special with King Crab and Bok Choi, Fennel, Radishes with a spin on a Siracha sauce. It was interesting that this Italian restaurant had an Asian influenced special along with other Asian type items on the menu. I haven't ever liked restaurants who have a mix of cuisines unless it is purposely fusion. The appetizer was good, light and refreshing.

I had been eyeing the Octopus and Mortadella Spiedino ever since I perused their menu online. It was delicious and I could have eaten a bigger portion for my main meal. It had beautiful grill marks and the grilled taste was excellent. It was served over beans and bacon with a marsala sauce, the accompaniments did not really interest me because it was literally all about the octopus.

I ordered the Black Spaghetti with hot calabrese sausage, with shrimp, and scallions. First of all, it took forever to get our main entrees, they apologized saying their kitchen was small. They were about half full that night I can't imagine being there on a packed Friday night. I was so excited to cheat Paleo and have pasta after not having it for over a year. It was so disappointing, it lacked that real authentic Italian taste. It tasted more like a pasta stir fry.

Luke ordered the 20 Yolk Tagliatelle. I liked it better than mine, but it still had strange ingredients. It was served with wild mushrooms, Tuscan Kale Kimchi and butter. It had a nice flavor and the pasta itself was nice, but overall neither entree was all that good.

For supposedly being Atlanta's best Italian restaurant, it certainly lacked authenticity. Did we just have an odd experience or has anyone else experienced the same thing because all I have heard are good things about this Inman Park eatery. Sorry Boccalupo, but there are way too many wonderful restaurants in Atlanta to waste my time going back to yours.

Tip - Don't expect an authentic Italian experience!

Price Range - Pappardelle Bolognese $15 - Linguini with sapelo clams $19