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Porch Light Latin Kitchen

I am so excited about what Porch Light has brought to the Smyrna area. This area is starved for innovative restaurants and Porch hopefully is the first of many to come. It is a cute and cozy place located in the Smyrna Market Village. This restaurant has so much energy from the moment you enter the door, and it starts with the enthusiasm from Chef Andre Gomez. He is so passionate about his Puerto Rican food and it shows! There were many items on the menu that immediately grabbed me, we ended up ordering the fish tacos, the "Can Can", and the sweet plantains. The fish tacos had great flavor and were served with my favorite El Milagro corn tortillas. The fish was very lightly battered and topped with a pineapple vinegar. The "Can Can" was the whole pork loin with skin, belly and ribs. It was brined, seasoned, and fried, much love went into this dish and it was richly delicious. The plantains were good too, and topped with gravy. There are many menu item