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Las Brasas Rotisserie Chicken Review

That old saying to never judge a book by its cover is so true when it comes to Las Brasas. Don't let this rundown shack in downtown Decatur fool you, it has some of the best Peruvian style rotisserie chicken in the city.

The chicken is super moist and full of wonderful flavor. It comes with a salsa verde sauce for dipping, which is made up of cilantro, mayo, lime, and garlic and is oh so delicious!

There is no seating inside, there are about eight tables outside where you and your dogs could sit. Regardless of where you eat you still order at the counter. Most of their business is take-out and they also offer free delivery if you are lucky to live close enough.
It is over $10 for a whole chicken which is more than I spend at Whole Foods for their hormone-free rotissierie, but for a treat every now and again it is worth it.

Tip - Make sure the salsa verde is in your bag before you notice it after you get home.

Good Karma Coffee House Review

What goes around should come around for this gluten-free bakery and eatery located in Avondale Estates. They are one of the few places in the metro Atlanta area that is certified gluten-free and doesn't use any dairy, soy, or nuts in their baked goods. 

The inside is more like a breakfast eatery than a coffee shop. They serve Counter Culture Coffee, which is organic, sustainable and direct trade. The coffee was very good and the staff, very friendly. They were so proud of their coffee products and being certified GF, and they weren't even the owners.

I ordered the Chai Muffin and Luke ordered the oatmeal raisin cookie, both were delicious. The chai muffin was moist and had little chunks of candied ginger inside. The oatmeal cookie had the brown sugar crispy taste on the outside, while the oats were still soft and chewy. Luke is not on a GF diet and still loved the cookie.

They have a breakfast and lunch menus along with daily specials. Their soups looked delicious and their w…

Southbound Review

I was super excited to try this newer eatery in Chamblee especially since they have an EV charging station and we could plug our Leaf in for free. I had also checked out their menu and it looked great! 

The restaurant was huge, two rooms, a big bar, and patio area downstairs and another bar, room, and balcony upstairs. The interior was beautiful with re-purposed items, tall ceilings with big windows, warm wood, concrete countertops, and vintage lighting. All together it created a warm atmosphere until we sat at the bar and had ice cold service. There were three bartenders that barely greeted us and begrudgingly answered our questions. I could understand it more if they were busy but they weren't. I love sitting down at a bar and getting that warm welcomed feeling, it always starts the meal off right. The service never improved, looking back we should have left after our first drink. However, we wanted to try the food. 

Luke ordered the Mushroom Toast for an appetizer. A variety of…

Blue Moon Pizza Review

When Blue Moon Pizza opened in Marietta in 2003, it gave us pizza lovers hope that a non-chain pizza place could survive in the Smyrna-Marietta area. It is still around today and growing strong, they have four metro Atlanta locations and are currently expanding into Florida. They have continued to change with the times and have added a gluten-free menu, just ask the server for it. 
Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the patio, they allow them to be tied up on the outside of the gate. They are extremely kid friendly and provide raw dough to entertain the kids. If kids are not your thing, Blue Moon may not be the place for you. 
My friend Susie and I met for lunch. It was one of those gorgeous fall days, cool, no humidity in the air, and not a cloud in the sky. . . .on the patio in the sun was a great spot to be. 

For a pizza place, they have awesome salads. Blue Moon uses fresh ingredients and also make their own salad dressings. The Cobb Salad and the Greek Salad are always solid…

Aviva by Kameel

Aviva meaning rebirth or renewal, is very apropos for this food court eatery. It restores my faith in "fast food". Kameel is my new best friend, and that truly is the way it feels when he welcomes and greets you.

Finally, I have found the perfect Paleo eatery at a reasonable price. Kameel, buys the meats and veggies hormone, pesticide free, and 100% Halal. The fish is wild and sustainable. They also use olive oil in 100% of their cooking. Cha Ching I just hit the Paleo lottery! Other restaurants need to take note, healthy food can be affordable and taste great.

Everything is on display, so if not sure what to order maybe seeing the food will help. I ordered the chicken shawarma. It was $8.95 and came with a choice of two sides. I chose Greek salad and fresh veggies. Everything was excellent. the chicken was moist and marinated with a melange of wonderful middle eastern spices. The tzatziki and hot sauce on top was a nice addition without being overpowering. The salmon and r…

The Butcher, The Baker Review

The Butcher, The Baker and me . . . because I wanted to move in after visiting this cozy, delicious eatery. They designed the inside as an industrial farmhouse, the farmhouse influence makes it cozy while the industrial touches keep it modern. They have an inviting bar that would be a ideal spot to find yourself if dining alone. Also, like many eateries on the square there are tables out front and doggies are very welcome.

We went there to celebrate my friend Susan's birthday. We had wonderful service and the server bought my friend a drink for her birthday. Susan ordered the octopus which had a smoky grilled flavor, and was cooked perfectly tender. It was served on a bed of local in season greens. 

I ordered the "fried lamb", translation lamb testes. I have never tried that before so figured I would despite the batter not being Paleo friendly. The lamb balls were tender, yes I said tender and not gamey. It was good, but honestly when a dish is fried when is it not? The…

Plum Cafe Review

Plum cafe is nestled behind Canton Street in downtown historic Roswell, Georgia. Historic Roswell is adorable and not at all surprised that this area is growing everyday. This newer eatery has a cute outdoor area with a gazebo. On a warmer fall or spring day it would be a great spot to enjoy a meal with your furry friend. They are very dog friendly. We ate inside since the weather did not cooperate.

I had lunch with my friend Joe so we could catch up and also to try a new restaurant. He ordered the roast beef panini. The roast beef is made in house. How was it? I will never know because he is the fastest eater I know and gobbled it down in about two minutes flat. He said it was good and I will have to take his word for it. 

I order the half sandwich (GF bread) and salad combo. They offer gluten-free bread and most sandwiches can be substituted accordingly. The turkey artichoke and swiss cheese sandwich was toasted and came with an aioli sauce. The salad had argula, carmelized pecans,…

Le Petit Marche Review

Le Petit Marche is a quaint French inspired eatery located in the heart of Kirkwood. After hearing many wonderful things I had to try it myself, so my husband and I headed in town. They serve breakfast and lunch. They offer gluten-free bread and all the sandwiches can be substituted to accomadate GF eaters. 

Luke ordered the Chipotle Shrimp Po Boy. I tasted the shrimp, it had a great lime and cilantro flavor. He said the baguette and chipotle aioli sauce was good as well. The side item was Asian influenced cole slaw, rice vinegar with sesame seeds and cabbage equaled a tasty combination. 

I was in the mood for breakfast and tried the Kirkwood with Delia's chicken sausage. It was Perfect for a Paleo or gluten-free eater. The eggs were eggs, the chicken sausage was very good, so were the potatoes. They were not overpowered with rosemary and were crispy. The banana with brown sugar was a perfect little treat to end the meal. 

Luke on the other hand, had dessert. He ordered a apple t…

Butternut Squash Sweet Craving Recipe

Whenever I am craving something sweet, I like to roast butternut squash. It is a sweet but healthy snack and super easy to make if you buy the squash already cubed. 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees for convection oven. 375 degrees if using a regular oven. 2. Spread squash out on a baking sheet

3. Coat squash with coconut oil. I love coconut oil but you can also use olive oil. 4. Sprinkle pumpkin pie spice on squash. 

5. Pop in the oven.  6. Set timer for 10 minutes and stir squash around.  7. Put it back in oven for another 20 minutes. 

8. Take out of the oven, put it in a bowl and drizzle with honey. Use a very small amount to be Paleo friendly.

It is very delicious and will help cure a sweet craving. 
Enjoy! Me and my Boston Terrier, Amalfi love this treat!

Louies Modern and Modern It Is!

For a smaller city on the west coast of Florida, Sarasota has an expansive culinary and arts scene. It is fun to try new restaurants when visiting my father. I heard great things about Louies Modern and had to head downtown to check it out.

I was impressed with their creative cocktail list and decided to try the Bright Eyes. It was fresh pressed carrot, apple, fennel, lemon, and ginger juice with mandarin vodka and lime. It is great how the mixologist combined juicing with alcohol. The combination was refreshing and not too sweet, perfect for a muggy Florida night. 

We ordered the Burrata and it certainly was star of the show. What an appetizer!! Burrata is Italian mozzarella cheese and cream, basically melt in your mouth goodness. The tomatoes were fresh and local. It is great that they used different types and colors of heirloom and cherry tomatoes.The ribbons of basil added freshness while the pickled cipollini onions added a sweet yet tangy taste. All of this was served on a Hima…

Lamb Lolly Guaranteed to Please

This recipe is a cinch to make and the tasty reward is spectacular. Whether you are entertaining or enjoying a casual evening at home, trust me your taste buds will thank you.

I used the Costco Rack of Lamb. Lamb tends to be one of the more expensive meats, which is great that Costco carries it for a good price. 
First using a sharp knife cut into individual pieces. I normally would trim the fat, however that is where you get a lot of the delicious flavor. 
After cutting into individual little chops, generously seasoned both sides with sea salt and pepper. 
For 1.5 lbs of meat I zested 1 lemon, mashed 3 cloves of garlic, and squeezed the juice of the 1 lemon together in a bowl. 
Massage the rub into the meat and let sit for a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. This gave the meat time to marinade and also come to room temperaturre before grilling. 
Fire up the grill to medium high and grill until desired doneness. We do about 3 minutes per side. I prefer my lollies to be medium rare to medium. Just…

Kimball House defines Happy Hour

Oh Kimball House how I love thee, especially Monday through Friday between 5 and 7pm for half price oysters. For any oyster lover, Kimball House is a must visit. 
We decided to go for the happy hour half price oysters and glad we did. The energy was great from the outside patio where doggies are welcome to the gregarious staff inside. Loved the 1920's decor and the industrial revolution belt driven fans.

We sat at the bar in the mixologists office where they were making some serious concoctions. They had an Absinthe menu and were preparing the drink in the traditional French way. I was in the mood for wine and had a nice crisp French Muscadet which paired perfectly with the oysters. 

That day they offered 18 different types of oysters. I was with my husband Luke, we ordered two of serveral different types to compare. My favorite were the Moon Shoal from Barnstable Harbor, Maine and the Nauset Beach from Eastham, Maine. It was fun way to spend "happy hour", and happy I w…

Wicked Cool Beans

An independent coffee shop where they roast their own beans and paw prints leading the way (notice the steps) will lure me in everytime. My husband, Luke and I are huge coffee drinkers and love to try different places. I frequently visit coffee shops and Cool Beans is high in the rotation. Great coffee, usually two choices on drip. I have never had a bad cup of joe here, my only complaint is I wish they would offer organic coffee. They do have organic teas.

Great vibe in the shop, it always has energy but never too crowded that you can't find a seat. One of my favorites things about Coffee Beans is they are dog friendly. I don't just mean outside in the back on their awesome patio, your four legged friends are allowed inside. Our three Boston Terrier pups love hanging on the patio and the trees provide nice shade for them.

I tried a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. Healthier than your average cookie with garbanzo bean and tapioca flour for the main ingredient, but still a P…

Sage Biscuit Cafe

I was in Bradenton, Florida visiting for two days. I have to give a shout out to my father, it was his 85th birthday, what a milestone! I hope to be as healthy at that age. 

It was nice to discover a cafe besides the traditional breakfast places like Peaches and First Watch. An independent and creative cafe is a welcomed addition to the longtime lacking restaurant scene. Gluten-free wasn't even in Bradenton's vocabulary and now . . . Ta da, gluten-free options on a menu, I am loving it. 
Paleo is not about gluten-free products, it  is about making whole foods without gluten. So technically, I cheated with my choice for breakfast but it was worth every bite. 

How pretty is that? I ordered berries with gluten-free French toast, yum! It wasn't too sweet and the berries perfectly ripe. The egg did not take over the taste of the toast which is my pet peeve, it was perfect. I had a bite of my father's apricot and cream cheese stuffed French Toast and that was great too. The …

Bantam Pub, oh how tortured I am!

Bantam Pub is a quaint little spot adjacent to Old Fourth Ward Park. The inside is pretty small, bar seating and a few tables. There are quite a few tables in the open; several out front, a covered area, and a seperate building about twenty yards away called the Lido Deck (very cute). Outside at Bantam is where you want to be on a pleasant fall or spring day, a perfect addition to Atlanta's patio drinking scene.

I was so hoping the food would live up to the atmosphere, however I was dissappointed! A friend and I split four appetizers, which was enough to fairly form my opinion. 

We ordered the calamari. The batter was just okay and it came with two sauces and shaved Parmesan Cheese on top. It had a spicy mustard on one side and remoulade sauce on the other. Can you say identity crisis? The dish had way too much going on, my goodness! The batter and sauce make calamari, so do one sauce and do it right. 

The Tartare was actually the best of the four but only if you like goat cheese…