The Butcher, The Baker Review

The Butcher, The Baker and me . . . because I wanted to move in after visiting this cozy, delicious eatery. They designed the inside as an industrial farmhouse, the farmhouse influence makes it cozy while the industrial touches keep it modern. They have an inviting bar that would be a ideal spot to find yourself if dining alone. Also, like many eateries on the square there are tables out front and doggies are very welcome.

We went there to celebrate my friend Susan's birthday. We had wonderful service and the server bought my friend a drink for her birthday. Susan ordered the octopus which had a smoky grilled flavor, and was cooked perfectly tender. It was served on a bed of local in season greens. 

I ordered the "fried lamb", translation lamb testes. I have never tried that before so figured I would despite the batter not being Paleo friendly. The lamb balls were tender, yes I said tender and not gamey. It was good, but honestly when a dish is fried when is it not? The sautéed greens in a honey mustard sauce were a nice balance to combat the heaviness of the lamb. Would I order it again? No, but I am glad I tried it. 

For entrees, Susan had the butternut squash with mascarpone cheese over squash purée and topped with candied pecans. The mascarpone cheese balanced out the sweetness of the pecans. Plus, how pretty is the presentation of the food. 

I had the mahi mahi, which is another favorite fish of mine. It's so light and mild tasting and let's face it, who doesn't love anything from Hawaii! It was prepared perfectly, brown crust on the outside, however moist and flaky inside. It was served over a squash puree and topped with sautéed greens. I love that the chef throws in greens with a lot of their dishes. A little bit of greens can go a long way nutritionally and when I am cooking I like to sneak them in any chance I get. The dish was clean as clean can be when dining out and I thank "the butcher" for that.

We thouroughly enjoyed our dining experience, cozy atmosphere, delectable food, and attentive service. The menu is constantly changing to adjust to what is in season so looking forward to revisiting and trying more creations. I would definitely recommend this little one of a kind gem in the Marietta Sqaure. 

Tip - Parking is free all around the square and there is another free lot on the west side between Starbucks and the train tracks. 


  1. Great, thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to check that place out


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