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Ghent, Belgium

This blog is way overdue. To be honest I have been caught up in a love affair of  my European lifestyle and have been a slacker on sharing my travels. It's been great enjoying wine and trying new grapes that I have never even heard of before. I am discovering new cheeses and especially enjoying them for dessert, followed by an espresso. It's a good thing I like to workout and do Crossfit multiple times a week. My latest obsession is Belgian beer and it is only a hop, skip and a jump to get my hands on it!! Ghent has always intrigued me. I remember learning in history about The Treaty of Ghent and how it ended the War of 1812 between the British and the Americans a long, long time ago. It fascinated me then, and it certainly fascinates me now.  I think Ghent gets overshadowed by Bruges and Brussels, however I have been to both and Ghent has been my favorite. We stayed in the historic district of Patershol which has great walkability. The medieval city was gorgeous w