Le Petit Marche Review

Le Petit Marche is a quaint French inspired eatery located in the heart of Kirkwood. After hearing many wonderful things I had to try it myself, so my husband and I headed in town. They serve breakfast and lunch. They offer gluten-free bread and all the sandwiches can be substituted to accomadate GF eaters. 

Luke ordered the Chipotle Shrimp Po Boy. I tasted the shrimp, it had a great lime and cilantro flavor. He said the baguette and chipotle aioli sauce was good as well. The side item was Asian influenced cole slaw, rice vinegar with sesame seeds and cabbage equaled a tasty combination. 

I was in the mood for breakfast and tried the Kirkwood with Delia's chicken sausage. It was Perfect for a Paleo or gluten-free eater. The eggs were eggs, the chicken sausage was very good, so were the potatoes. They were not overpowered with rosemary and were crispy. The banana with brown sugar was a perfect little treat to end the meal. 

Luke on the other hand, had dessert. He ordered a apple turnover, that he enjoyed. Nice presentation with the fresh apple, powdered sugar and caramel glaze on top. 

The atmosphere is pleasant with tall ceilings and huge windows. If dining alone, they have a counter area that would be a nice place to sit. Otherwise, you order at the front and the servers bring your food. Outdoor patio is great, however dogs are not allowed inside the patio because of codes. I wouldn't rush back, but a great addition for the Kirkwood restaurant scene.

Afterward we decided to walk off brunch at Old 4th Ward Park. If you haven't been, it is a great addition to the many wonderful parks in Atlanta. Great green space with a splash pad, play area for the kids and paths surrounding the lake with waterfalls. Also, there are very clean bathrooms which is very impressive for a park. Overall, great place to walk or chill and enjoy a lovely day.