Sage Biscuit Cafe

I was in Bradenton, Florida visiting for two days. I have to give a shout out to my father, it was his 85th birthday, what a milestone! I hope to be as healthy at that age. 

It was nice to discover a cafe besides the traditional breakfast places like Peaches and First Watch. An independent and creative cafe is a welcomed addition to the longtime lacking restaurant scene. Gluten-free wasn't even in Bradenton's vocabulary and now . . . Ta da, gluten-free options on a menu, I am loving it. 

Paleo is not about gluten-free products, it  is about making whole foods without gluten. So technically, I cheated with my choice for breakfast but it was worth every bite. 

How pretty is that? I ordered berries with gluten-free French toast, yum! It wasn't too sweet and the berries perfectly ripe. The egg did not take over the taste of the toast which is my pet peeve, it was perfect. I had a bite of my father's apricot and cream cheese stuffed French Toast and that was great too. The tanginess of the cream cheese balanced out the sweetness of the syrup and apricot preserve. Great balance, however eating even half of his would have been very heavy. 

This newer gem seems to be popular and has survived the summer months which is test for any restaurant with a "seasonal" community. I certainly hope it continues to succeed and stands the test of time.