Cooks and Soldiers Restaurant Review

We had such high expectations for Cooks and Soldiers being a huge fan of Iberian Pig in Decatur. This Basque inspired eatery just opened underneath the brand new apartments on the corner of 14th and Howell Mill in west midtown. Unfortunately, I was dissappointed and not sure I will be returning. 

First of all, if you avoid gluten, there is not a lot on the menu for you to order especially if you are sharing the pinxtos. We ordered the tartare. It was cured tomatoes topped with a carrot "yolk" and cilantro microgreens. It was nothing special, not a ton of taste.

We split the wood-fired grilled Prawns. The wood-fire char had a great taste, however it was on the shell so once peeled the shrimp lacked taste. It was served over charred onions, sweet peppers, and cabbage and topped with garlic chips. The garlic chips saved this dish, since that was the tastiest part. Also, it was very oily as you can see it glistening. 

The bartenders were decent, but overall service seemed like amateur hour. When our food was run, I didn't appreciate the server telling the bartender this is for 78. Learn your patrons number locations and please don't refer to us as a number. 

For being so new, the bar area and menu were dirty. My sweater kept sticking to the bar despite moving around. The food is tastier at Iberian Pig, with more variety, and a better value.  Cooks and Soldiers was definitely more upscale; price and atmosphere then it's sister restaurant Iberian Pig but it sadly just didn't deliver. 

Tip - Valet parking off the parking deck entrance on 14th Street. 

Price Range - Bruleed Fig $6 - Seafood Hot Pot $32