Jerusalem Bakery Review

Every time I go to Jerusalem Bakery I feel like I have died and gone to Baklava heaven. This is seriously the best Baklava in the city. This Marietta dive takes it to a whole other level. 

Jerusalem Bakery primarily makes Baklava but they also have other various guest starring items. They make several varieties of Baklava, some with cashew, some with pistachio or walnuts. They also make different sizes, little mini's, rolled log, diamonds, etc. But rest assured, every type will have that delicate, flaky phyllo crunch followed by the nutty taste, then ending with the sweetness of honey. Definitely not Paleo, but what a treat and worth every bite!

There is the box full of goodness. I love going there and telling them to load the container up, to pick what they want. They always add a fun new treat to try. They also bake fresh whole wheat and white pita bread daily.

I guess I can't just eat Baklava for my lunch without my pancreas hating me, so I ordered the Chicken Shawarma Plate. The chicken was sliced fresh off the spit, it was so tender and full of flavor. They serve it with pita bread and a choice of side. I chose the Baba Ghanough, which is roasted eggplant, tahini, and lemon juice. I love their food, and going there is certainly a good excuse to have a sweet treat too!

Tip - Warning, the Baklava is highly addictive!

Price Range - Falafel Sandwhich $5.95 - Lamb Shank Plate $14.95


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