Bellagio, Lake Como

I had always heard how beautiful Lake Como is, but I had absolutely no idea!! When we started our descent into Bellagio I had to pick my mouth up from the floor, there were breathtaking views in every direction. Our first viewpoint we came to was this one, which is looking to the south of the lake. Massive rocks jut out from the lake, it is so dramatic pictures don't do it any justice. 

Of course, the driving is always an adventure in Italy. The roads are tiny and Italians can be daring drivers, keeping your head on a constant swivel.

We stayed at the Hotel Bellagio. Our hotel room was great, however the rest of the hotel was mediocre. The hotel is located up an alleyway about 50 meters up from the lake. 

Our room was nicely decorated with white flowing curtains, and tall ceilings. It felt so old school, they even provided hotel stationery. We had a cute balcony and a view of the lake.

We wanted to walk to the other side of the point from Bellagio, so we walked up and over. It was a nice walk before lunch. We rounded the corner to this awesome view. 

When we got to the bottom this was another jaw dropping view. Of course Amalfi our Boston Terrier couldn't wait to frolic in the water.  

I had researched the restaurant La Pergola to have a lakeside lunch and this was our view. Not a bad spot for lunch and a glass of wine!

I had fish from the lake and Luke had Gnocchi. He said it was the best he had ever had. The food was good, however the service was very impersonal, not the typical warm Italian service most people are used to. However, I would definitely recommend it for the food and atmosphere. 

Apparently, cheese trucks are following me. This was outside La Pergola when we left. I love this whole cheese and charcuterie on wheels thing. The Europeans are so serious about their food, definitely a commonality I share. 

This is the main road of Bellagio right on the lake. There are several hotels, shops, and cafes located along this strip. It was so relaxing for us and the dogs to have an afternoon cappucino or drink in the sun overlooking the lake at the Hotel Du Lac.

Bellagio was clean and very well manicured. I loved walking the dogs through this lakeside park in the mornings.

They have several ferries doing lake crossings. It is a great way to see the lake and other towns along the shore. 

We tried their regional pasta dish called Coste. It is pasta with potatoes, cabbage, butter, and cheese. It was good but on the plainer side.

As we left Lake Como our route took us along the lake. We were met with breathtaking views around every corner, it was hard to say good bye to such a beautiful place!!