South City Kitchen Restaurant Review

South City Kitchen has been around a long time and reminds me of the good ole days when Buckhead bars were booming and the lounges in renovated houses were the places to hang. I hadn't eaten here in awhile and wanted to see if the food was just as good as I remembered.

Luke ordered the scallops for an appetizer and they were delicious with a pecan pesto and tomato mustard seed relish served over a boiled peanut puree. The scallops had a nice crust and were cooked perfectly on the inside; the flavors spot on!

I am a sucker for the decadent She-Crab Soup and knew when I saw it on the menu that I had to order it. It didn't disappoint with its rich taste of goodness. 

Luke ordered the Shrimp and Mussel Jambalaya with chicken, andouille sausage, and okra in a spicy tomato sauce. It was delicious and perfectly cooked. 

I ordered the Roasted Filet of Beef. It was so hearty and scrumptious. The beef was tender and loved the dimension that the wine jus added to the beef. It was served with buttermilk potato puree, roasted brussels sprouts, and cippolini onions.

My meal was heavy but fitting for a cold rainy day. I enjoyed the heartiness of the meal. They also have separate Gluten-Free menus for lunch and dinner, gotta love that they went that extra step for those trying to avoid gluten!

It is nice to know that this Fifth Group Restaurant is still serving up some good southern dishes and has stood the test of time. They opened up a second location in Vinings years back, however I still prefer the midtown location.

Tip - No valet, but there is a paid parking lot behind the restaurant since parking spaces can be sparse on Crescent.

Price Range - $24 Corned Short Rib -  $36 Creekstone Farms Filet Mignon