Zab e Lee Restaurant Review

This sleepy Thai Restaurant located west of Hartsfield-Jackson airport is one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Atlanta. It's located in a run down strip mall on Old National in College Park and is a perfect place when you want to grab a quick bite with someone who's intown for a long layover. That was the case for me, my good friend Ted was in town so we decided to go there for some food for the soul. 

We ordered a couple of appetizers to share. The Beef Satay was the first and was great. The beef was tender and the peanut sauce perfect. They also served it with a cucumber and carrots in a rice vinaigrette, nice and refreshing.

The second appetizer was the Dancing Shrimp, everytime I go to Zab e Lee I order this delectable dish. It is bursting with zesty flavor. The shrimp is served on a bed of cabbage, red onion, and carrot. They add a dressing of hot chili Thai pepper, raw garlic, and lime juice. The combination is spectacular with a perfect amount heat to make you taste buds tingle, but not overly spicy where the spice covers up the flavor. 

Ted ordered the Pad Thai with Chicken. I am not a huge fan of Pad Thai but Zab e Lee's is very good! It's nice and light and not heavy on the peanut sauce or eggs.

I ordered the Spicy Basil Chicken, as always it was great. I had them add broccoli. I love the way broccoli soaks up sauce, plus it is such a healthy vegetable. Their stir fries are so fresh and not at all oily. 

Zab e Lee provides such great homemade flavor that nurture the soul. I like to think Grandma is in the kitchen cooking up dishes from scratch. I have eaten here many times, tried many dishes and have never gone wrong. Their prices are very reasonable and healthy portions are provided. Another nice thing is, the restaurant is never crowded because the majority of their business is takeout. Even if not in the area, it is worth the trek to this Thai treasure. 

Tip - Don't miss the Dancing Shrimp, if you like spice its amazing!  

Price Range - $9.50 for any Chicken Stir Fries, Noodles or Curry dish - $11.50 if you replace chicken with shrimp.