KiRi Restaurant Review

I will never understand why this place isn't crowded. Is it because we live in the fried food capital of the world, or at least it seems that way. Sure it is tucked away in one of the busiest shopping centers in midtown Atlanta, with a Trader Joe's need I say more. You do risk your life, well at least your car trying to find a spot to park. However, it is all worth it once settled and seated.

KiRi is a mix of Japanese and Korean, which is funny because every time we go my husband orders Sushi and I order bibimbap. If you are new to the bibimbap scene, it is basically the Korean's version of stir fry. You can customize your order or get it prepared traditionally. 

This is my staple every time I visit, it is hard to stray from this delicious goodness. The Korean hot pepper sauce is a tasty sauce, a better version of Sriracha (I know, I know that is a  very BOLD statement). This dish is served with fresh veggies that are nice and firm, not cooked to death. It is not swimming in oil which either, just simply clean and healthy, perfect for Paleo eaters like myself. 

Natural Colors = nutrients! 
I could easily eat this once a week, only if I lived closer .  .  .

My husband's Bento Box looked delicious and pretty too. I do not eat rice since eating paleo but he said it was good. 

Oh, and did I mention price? Our total for lunch $23 bucks. What a great value for consistently good food and service.  

And once again, this is why this little tucked away gem continues to impress.