Lure, what is the Allure?

I had heard such wonderful things about Lure but was skeptical being part of the Fifth Restaurant Group. I always prefer a chef's "first restaurant" because they have something to prove and are eager to please their patrons.

I was pleasantly surprised entering the restaurant. I thought I had been instantly transported to the Carolina coast with the nautical theme. It was decorated elegantly with warm lighting and an intimate feel. The restaurant was bustling so we ended up at the bar where Brent, the bartender and mixologist took excellent care of us. We asked for suggestions on the cocktails and he recommended his creation which the restaurant actually bottles, the Blue-Eyed Boy. Bombay Sapphire, mint, elderflower and peach bitters was a refreshing combination on a scorching Atlanta summer day. It was bubbly and not too sweet, which is rare for cocktails these days. 

Onto the main event, I am obsessed with Rainbow Trout. Love that it is from the North Georgia Mountains; local, fresh, and so clean tasting. It was filleted table side, yes with the head on, which is prefect for me and my Filipino roots. The skin was crispy and had a great smoky flavor. Thyme and lemon were used to season the white meaty goodness. I love that it came on bed of greens especially arugula (another favorite) with lemon squeezed on top. That is my idea of a clean, fresh, and simple dinner. I am looking forward to revisiting Lure. But until then, keep creating those drinks Brent!