Paleo Brussels Sprouts and Chicken Sausage Recipe

This dish is extremely flavorful and a cinch to make! 

Bacon is what really adds the richness and taste. I bought it from the butcher at Whole Foods, which is great because you can just buy the number of strips you need, plus it's nitrate free.

1. In a deep large sauté pan or large cast iron skillet, cook two pieces of bacon until crispy

2. Take bacon out of the pan and blot excess grease off the bacon

3. Set aside

Any chicken sausage would work, but I love the products from Niman Ranch. 

4. In the bacon grease, brown sausage on med high heat. Flip to brown both sides.

5. While browning the sausage trim and wash 1 lb. of brussels sprouts. 

6. Cut brussels sprouts in half. 

7. Drain bacon grease from pan 

8. Add brussels sprouts to same saute pan, a pinch of salt and reduce to medium heat. 

9. Add 3 tbl. of balsamic vinegar

10. Stir and scrape pan to get brown bits off bottom of pan

11. Cook until tender

12. Chop sausage into desired size pieces and stir into pan with brussells sprouts.

13. Stir bacon in to warm, and then serve.

This was a quick recipe to make and an easy cleanup since it only used the one pan. I will definitely be adding this to our monthly meal rotation.