Paleo Wild Smoked Salmon with Cucumbers Recipe

Smoked Salmon no doubt is so good served on a bagel, however there is no bread allowed on Paleo. It is fun getting creative and substituting items in traditional recipes to make them Paleo friendly. 

I used Kirkland Wild Alaskan Smoke Sockeye Salmon that I buy at Costco.

I sliced the cucumber approximately at 1/8 of an inch, just thick enough to support the toppings.

I spread Cream Cheese onto the cucumber. How much? Depends on how you like it, I did a thin even coat to cover the whole slice. 

I love City Roots Arugula Microgreens that is sold at Whole Foods, so topped it with the microgreens and capers. The microgreens are also great on sandwiches too. I didn't think it needed salt because of the briny capers. You can also top with lemon however I thought it was great without.

This is great for a light dinner or an appetizer. The crunch of the cucumber is nice contrast to the silkiness of the cream cheese and salmon. The capers on top gave it a nice salty bite and the arugula a light peppery taste. Pair with a nice crisp fruity white wine and you will be all set!



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