Serpas Restaurant Review

We went to Serpas at Studioplex on the border of Old 4th Ward and Inman Park for my friend Laura's birthday dinner and glad we did. I love going to a restaurant and craving the chef's food again before I even walk out the door. The atmosphere was stylish and cozy, beautifully lit, with a spacious open room and warm wood accents.

Our table was a group of eight, which was great to try a variety of items on their menu.

My friend Michael ordered the Lemon Crab Cream Cheese Fritter. The flavors were wonderful. The batter was super light and crispy while the inside gooey deliciousness of the crab and cream cheese mixture was perfect. The avocado was a nice compliment to the fried fritter.  

Laura ordered two appetizers, the one pictured above is the House Smoked Salmon Chips. The smoked salmon was excellent, the chipotle cream cheese had a complimenting taste without being too cheesy. It was still about the smoked salmon. They served it on their house made potato chips topped with capers and red onion, put together it was so pretty and tasty.

The other appetizer was the Shaved Calamari. The batter on the calamari was also super light and flavorful. It was served with anaheim peppers and a chili syrup, a perfect blend of savory and sweetness in one bite. It was delicious and I would definitely like to enjoy this treat again.

Sean ordered the Jumbo Sea Scallops. I love scallops but am normally a purist on how they are served which I think should be simple so the delicate scallop taste isn't overrun with two many flavors. I realized at Serpas that my scallop purist thought was WAY wrong. This is exactly what I will order when I go back. The scallops were served over creamed corn with shiitake mushrooms in a panang curry sauce. This dish was absolutely delectable and left me wondering when I could fit a dinner at Serpas into my schedule again.

Laura ordered the Bershire Pork Chop which was also fabulous. It was so tasty with the bone left in. I am not usually a huge grits fan but the smoked cheddar grits would convert anyone. It also came with garlic greens and chopped apple slices on top. Everything was together in a bath of apple jus and the whole combination was spot on.

After I tasted everyone else's food I didn't think it was possible to order wrong. Unfortunately I did. I ordered the Trout Stuffed with crab and mushrooms, it is hard to believe with that description alone that it was bland but it was. It was good but lacked the dimensions all the other dishes had. It was served in a lemon thyme butter with red bliss potatoes and sauteed greens. 

I am glad we decided on Serpas True Foods and would travel back to the Old 4th Ward neighborhood anytime. The food was wonderful and the service was great, which made for an awesome birthday celebration. I will definitely hurry back to enjoy the dishes on the current menu and to see what else Chef Scott Serpas is creating. 

Tip - Make reservations and they have complimentary valet parking. 

Price of entrees - $19 (Veggie Plate) to $36 (Waygu Strip)


  1. Yay! So happy to see this review! It was a FAB birthday celebration and your review is spot on! Another dish that one friend had was the Ribeye which was delish and perfectly cooked in my opinion!


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