521 Kitchen & Que

I have been hearing such good things about the new eclectic southern BBQ spot on Roswell Rd. in North Buckhead.  I definitely put it on the top of my must try lunch list. It is husband and wife owned with a simple menu and decor. They try to source their ingredients locally and label vegetarian and gluten-free on their menu. Two huge bonuses for me!!

Unfortunately, 521 was love and hate. Luke had the Brisket Sandwich on a Holeman and Finch Bun with a baked sweet potato. The brisket was very tough and pretty much tasteless, very disappointing. The potato was good but hard to mess up a baked potato.

One of my favorite places to order a salad is at BBQ restaurants. I know it sounds weird but I love the fresh greens with the smoked meat and creative dressings. It goes together so nicely. My salad was deliciousvwith different types of tender lettuce, firm crunchy corn, and cherry tomatoes. Another bonus is they serve hormone-free chicken! It had great smoky flavor and the sweet pickle vinaigrette was a nice change up from your average dressing. I also tried the sweet molasses vinaigrette, but didn't care for it. It was too sweet with no bite. As much as I loved my salad and chicken, the portion was small and I was hungry an hour later. 

They also serve a veggie black eyed pea burger which is a great option for your veggie friends. 

I definitely like the concept of a cleaner twist on BBQ. I think they need to iron out some kinks as any new restaurant does. I will give them some time to make adjustments and will be back for lunch to try some new things. 

Price Range - Black Eyed Pea Burger $8.95 - St. Louis Ribs Half Rack $16.95

Tip - Check out the daily specials