The Optimist

I had eaten at the Oyster Bar at The Optimist but never on the dining room side. I'm really glad after all these years I finally decided to try it, plus I got to catch up with my friend Gina.  


We shared the Octopus appetizer and it was delicious, so far the best I've had in town. They charred the octopus and served it with a gochujang (fermented bean sauce), miso yogurt, green papaya, and topped with a lime vinaigrette. It was creative and extremely delicious.

Gina wasn't all that hungry and ordered two sides, Brussels sprouts and Beets. Brussels were topped with toasted almond, cilantro, and feta then tossed in a Harissa vinaigrette = sooo good!!

The beets were beautiful and a great combination of tastes with carrot cardamom yogurt, wheat berries, and mint. 

The bartender recommended the Flounder. It was served with an almond meunière sauce over a cauliflower purée. It was good, but next to everything else it paled a little in comparison.

Overall The Optimist was a pleasant experience! The service was great and I loved their wonderful wine list. A lot of different varietals and regions to pair with their different dishes. I look forward to visiting again and taking my husband. 


  1. I was highly impressed with the taste combinations and the plating. The charred octo was divine! Always a good time with Sugi Flipflops!


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