Köln Brauhaus

Since moving to Köln Germany two weeks ago, we have frequented many Brauhaus's to try the different Kölsch beers. Kölsch beer is a Pale Pils and native to Köln. The beer is served in cute cylindrical glasses that are 6 and 3/4 oz. It is very refreshing, light, and easy to drink. They range from €1,10-€1,90. It is cheaper to drink beer than to drink water!!!! There is no such thing as tap water in restaurants, it is all bottled water with gas or no gas.

This is the beer from Bier Esel. They serve Sunner which is the oldest Kolsch in Koln and happens to be my favorite so far. Below is how they bring the beer to tables and they keep track of how many drinks you have by marking your coaster. The rounds keep coming until you put your coaster on top of your glass.

At Paffgen Brauhaus it is your typical German beer hall, communal tables, dark wood and lots of meat offerings. We sat next to a German couple that were friendly and asked them to suggest something off the menu. They ordered the 3/4 meter Bratwurst for us. I'm not going to lie it was quite an intimidating long link, but between three people we had no problem finishing it. It was surprisingly lean and absolutely delicious. 

I will definitely be delving deeper into the German cuisine.  


  1. Hallo! Wie gehts in Deutschland? Der Biers klingt sehr gut zu mir :)


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