Silent Holiday in Germany

A shout out to the owner of our dry cleaner who we have become very chatty with, it is wasn't for him we would be eating cans of tuna and microwave popcorn out of our cupboard. In Germany, Good Friday is considered a silent holiday. All the shops and grocery stores are closed, most people have the day off of work as well. Very few restaurants are open, but if they are no music can be played. Of course public transport is running, but the streets and parks are empty. The Germans celebrate Easter Sunday as well as Easter Monday. On Easter, the traditional meat served is lamb or chicken. In the evening, it common to build a bonfire with the Christmas trees that are saved for this occasion. The burning of the Christmas trees welcome spring. On Easter Monday, egg games take place and families take walks or go on hikes. Egg games include egg hunts and egg rolling. Egg rolling is pushing the eggs down a hill or moving them with a stick, and whoever finishes first wins. Leave it to the Germans to make Easter a four day holiday!!