Mosel River, Germany

My best friend Danielle was visiting from St. Pete, Florida. Both of us have a mutual love of wine so we went to where the best Rieslings in the world are made. This was our first view of the Mosel when driving in. It was so beautiful, the views were amazing!!!

We stayed in Bernkastel. It's a cute medieval German town directly on the Mosel.

Narrow, winding cobblestones roads make this village so charming.

The village was completely walkable with steep vineyards in every direction. There were lots of nice eateries with inviting outdoor tables.

We took a 45 minute side trip to Trier. Trier was a grand Roman City second to Rome. This gate, Porta Negra, was built in the second century to ward off attackers. It is very well preserved and also offers beautiful views of Trier with its two impressive cathedrals.

Inside the Porta Negra - it is hard to believe this was built over 2000 years ago.

We had to get back to Bernkastel for our scheduled tasting at Dr. Loosen. He is a big powerhouse wine producer and is even partnering up in Willamette Valley, Oregon to make more wine. We didn't know how Rieslings were made and Markus who led our informative tasting did a great job explaining the climate and the different terriors. We also tasted over 7 different wines.

We had dinner at Riva, which has great views of the sunset and river. We ate on the inviting terrace and enjoyed their Italian food and great service.

The pinnacle of our food experience was a restaurant overlooking Berkastel-Kues and the Mosel. 

The best way to get to the Schützenhaus is a steep little path that is surrounded by vineyards.

When we got to the top, we were rewarded with these views!

It was an idyllic place to sip Riesling to say the least!! The food was great, definitely try their mashed potatoes with Sauerkraut called Gräwes. It was delicious!! If you are  going to Schützenhaus it is best to make a reservation. 

What a great relaxing getaway for us to spend time together. We both enjoyed seeing one of the famous wine regions of Germany.