Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy

It had been 11 years since we visited the Amalfi coast and we loved it so much we named our dog Amalfi. We were super excited to come back and stay on the eastern side and complete the whole coast. 

This was our hotel, Villa San Michele in Ravello. As you can see, it sits on a side of a mountain and a lot steps were involved to get to and from the main road to your room. Pack lightly, this is common!!

The hotel is situated below Ravello and has sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The property was very relaxing with the sound of waves crashing on the rocks. We were in awe of the panoramic views from the property, however disappointed in the rooms. They were small and outdated. 

We had direct access to the water. It looked so clean and clear, however still too chilly for a dip. 

Our car even had a great view!! The hotel offered free parking which was a huge bonus since parking on the Amalfi coast is a rare commodity and very pricey.

The property is entirely family run with the grandmother as the cook in their small restaurant. One evening in the restaurant, Spaghetti ala Vongole was offered.  Seeing this we enthusiastically opted for Campagnias' speciality dish. The al dente pasta, fresh parsley and briny bites of clam were delicious!

Atrani was the next town over and a 10 minute walk. The three of us hugged the edge and began our walk. The views were absolutely stunning in every direction with little beaches within the many coves.
This leads me to share a little advice.
1. Always walk on the side closest to the water so you are best visible to the drivers. 
2. If you hear a horn (or a hooter as the Brits call it, lol), pay attention something big is coming around the corner. 
3. Hold onto your doggie as tightly as you can because there were sections if he jutted out a little he would have been hit. 
4. If you are driving, there are mirrors strategically placed on the bends of blind corners, use them they are there for a reason. 
5. Also, when driving hug your side of the road, because cars will come whipping around corners, and leave you little time for reacting.

According to the owner of our hotel, he says a pedestrian has never been hit by a car. I'm not so sure I believe him!!

Atrani had some good restaurants and places to sit along the beach and shore. We enjoyed a glass of white wine shore side at L'Arcade, aah the Italian life!

We wanted to explore Ravello and opted to walk instead of driving or riding the bus. We were quickly treated with more panoramic views.

Then the ascending really begun!!! It was quite a hike up, steps, steps and more steps.

We passed many lemon groves along the way. Amalfi is known for their lemons, they are super juicy  with perfumed aromas. The lemon harvest season is from February to September. They are covered in black nets to protect them from the harsh weather like wind and hail.

This gives you an idea of the climb to the top. It was about 1 kilometer straight up and a great booty workout. 

We wanted to visit the The Terrace of Infinity which was located on the edge of Villa Cimbrone. The 7 euro entrance fee was worth it. The hotel is not dog friendly, however the grounds were. The grounds were well manicured. In late spring and summer they must explode with color, like this avenue draping with wisteria in late spring.

After hiking 1200 feet above sea level and into the gardens we were greeted with impressive views. It was a perfect platform to see the houses clinging to the mountain sides, copious Amalfi lemon groves and the azure Tyrrhenian Sea.

Overall, It was enjoyable to revisit the Amalfi coast, but it was also nice to continue on. It was very hectic and inconvenient. My suggestion when going is to stay close to restaurants and the spots you have to come to visit. It isn't the easiest to move around the coast whether by car, bus, or foot. Of course it is a thrilling adventure driving, but also relieving to park your car after you arrive at your accommodations. There really is no other place like it!!


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