Corvara in Badia, Italy

We have always wanted to visit the Dolmites in the Italian Alps, but for some reason kept putting it on the back burner. I'm glad we finally went because it was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been!! The region is divided into three valleys, all beautiful. You could spend a month here and not come close to seeing everything. I recommend picking a valley that most interests you and then explore from there. If you have more time, switch accommodations into another valley, otherwise you will be overwhelmed trying to see everything and end up spending too much time in the car. The roads are mostly two lane which wind through mountain passes, nothing fast moving about it. With that said, the views while driving will knock your socks off and give you a kink in your neck. 

 In northern Italy, there are three languages spoken, German, Italian, and Ladin. It is a unique microcosm in that you have both the influences of the Italians and Germans, making it a nice blend of cultures. To sum it up, the Dolomites have the organization of the Germans, no chaos and is kept very pristine, yet  the delectable food and friendliness of the Italians. Perfect in my opinion!!

We decided to stay in the western most valley, Alta Badia, in the village of Corvara. We were interested in the Italian restaurant L'Osti. It was fabulous all around; service, food, wine, atmosphere, price, and presentation. We enjoyed it so much we ended up eating there several times and became "regulars". I won't bore you with too many pics, but here are a few snapshots, too pretty not to share!!

The trail system is expansive and very well connected by path, chairlift, cable car, or gondola. We would ride the gondola or chairlift up to begin our hikes. Dogs are allowed practically everywhere including the chairlifts, which I wouldn't recommend for every dog but Bogi loved it!! We were cracking up because when you exit the gondola there would be playgrounds for the kids and a fenced in areas for dogs to play too!

The limestone mountains were all encompassing with marvelous panoramas vistas. There is a multitude of trails and lifts which lead you to beautiful viewpoints, some with alpine meadows, others rocky and moon like. It was great to hike or bike not knowing what would be around the next mountain or bend. It is an adult playground waiting to be explored. I will leave you with several photos that will hopefully inspire you to visit this regional gem.  

Piz Boe Refugio 3152m with views of the highest peak Marmolada 3342m

Lagacio 2778m


  1. I read about the Dolomites, and was intrigued. But after these pictures & descriptions, it's bumped up to bucket list!


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